Wedding Photography in Hong Kong: Cam & Shing

Here are some more examples of wedding photography that I shot this winter in Hong Kong. Chinese weddings are different from Canadian weddings. There are more traditional procedures to follow for weddings in China. There is a “Hair Dressing” ritual, and people hire a ‘good luck woman’ to attend to the bridal preparations. She will speak auspicious words while dressing the bride’s hair in the style of a married woman. There is a “Capping” ritual, where the groom will dress in a long gown, red shoes and a red silk sash with a silk ball on his shoulder. He will kneel at the family altar while his father places a cap decorated with cypress leaves on his head.

However, Cam and Shing wanted to simplify and decided to get rid of some of the complicated traditions. They wanted to simplify so much that they considered eliminating  the use of a wedding photographer all together, and instead bought polaroid cameras for guests if they wanted to take photos with the bride and groom. However, because of their parents, they thought it would still be nice to have some professional photos to commemorate the occasion.

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