Wedding Photography: Heidi & Fares

As soon as the leaves start to change signaling the arrival of autumn, it also means that wedding season is almost over. There are still people getting married in the fall and winter, though they are more likely to hold their wedding ceremonies indoors. Indoor wedding photography can be more challenging in terms of a lighting set up, especially in such a short time frame to get everything prepared. It all has to be finished according to schedule. In order to make sure the subjects are sharp while still maintaining the mood of the atmosphere and ambient lighting, I have to adjust my settings and take a couple of test shots for good measure. I usually bring at least one flash strobe for indoor photography, in case I need more light. One good thing about shooting indoors is that the power source at the location can be utilized, therefore having to haul around a portable and cumbersome power supply becomes unnecessary. There is also no need to worry that my batteries are going to die. The extra batteries can be charged while I am still shooting.

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Wedding Photography in a hotel