Wedding Photography – Another Testimonial from Joyce and Jeff

Thanks for another review from Joyce and Jeff after their wedding. 🙂

“Absolutely love my wedding and engagement photos. Got married May 10th 2014, had 2 photographers, cover for 10hrs and got a lot of amazing photos that captured our beautiful day.

Hoyin was very professional and easy to work with. I couldn’t have asked for a more better photographer. He really knew how to capture your best angles try different things. It was definitely worth paying a little bit extra for 2 photographers and more time especially since our wedding had almost 200 people. Nonetheless Hoyin was able capture a photo of all of our guests as they were coming in and while everyone was enjoying the party.

Our photos were bright and vibrant, just like I had requested. It was truly a beautiful day and Hoyin captured every moment of it. Thank you!!” 

– Joyce and Jeff

The full album are on my Facebook page or other photos on my website.

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