Wedding Photography in Hong Kong: Cam & Shing

Here are some more examples of wedding photography that I shot this winter in Hong Kong. Chinese weddings are different from Canadian weddings. There are more traditional procedures to follow for weddings in China. There is a “Hair Dressing” ritual, and people hire a ‘good luck woman’ to attend to the bridal preparations. She will speak auspicious words while dressing the bride’s hair in the style of a married woman. There is a “Capping” ritual, where the groom will dress in a long gown, red shoes and a red silk sash with a silk ball on his shoulder. He will kneel at the family altar while his …

Engagement Photography in Hong Kong: Salina & Tommy

I had two engagement photography shoots and one wedding photo shoot this winter when I went back to Hong Kong. It was great to shoot in my home country. Shooting in a completely different environment was refreshing and fun. Unfortunately, the time I spent in Hong Kong was too short. I had contacted a few modelling agencies in order to shoot some fashion shots. However, there wasn’t enough time for me to properly organize everything. Oh well… maybe next time. Please go to my website to see the full engagement photography album or other wedding albums.

Engagement Photography in Christmas: Wayne & Stephanie

The holiday season is just around the corner, and it would be the perfect time to have an engagement photography session, or even a wedding photography session, if this is your favourite time of the year. All of the holiday decorations would conveniently stage a great scene without requiring extra money and time. There are a lot of fun and beautiful holiday decorations as a backdrop practically everywhere in the city. Wearing nice clothes or even your wedding attire with your loved one in front of all the festive ornaments would make some very unique and memorable photographs. To see …

Wedding photography: Message from a client

I am glad to know that my client is happy and satisfied for the wedding photography shoot that I did last month. Here is the message that they sent me today: “Thank you Hoyin for catching all of the great moments from our perfect day! Your photographs bring back all of the happiness, laughter, tears and joy! You have certainly impressed us as well as our family and friends! We will forever treasure our album!” Sincerely, Fares and Heidi Ounaies Thank you, Fares and Heidi! Your feedback definitely motivates me to work harder for the next shoot.

Wedding Photography: Heidi & Fares

As soon as the leaves start to change signaling the arrival of autumn, it also means that wedding season is almost over. There are still people getting married in the fall and winter, though they are more likely to hold their wedding ceremonies indoors. Indoor wedding photography can be more challenging in terms of a lighting set up, especially in such a short time frame to get everything prepared. It all has to be finished according to schedule. In order to make sure the subjects are sharp while still maintaining the mood of the atmosphere and ambient lighting, I have to adjust my settings and …

Wedding Photography: Stephanie & Vyacheslav

The shots in this album of wedding photography were taken in Vaughan, Ontario. I started shooting at the bride’s house while she and her bridesmaids were getting ready for the ceremony, and then we got in a limousine and headed to the church where the ceremony was to be performed. When we got to the church, the groom and his groomsmen were already there awaiting our arrival. As soon as I met the groom, I could tell he was nervous. He didn’t smile that much, so it was a bit difficult to obtain some good shots, and I had to pay …

Family Portrait: Kristine & Jonathan’s family

I took this family portrait at the Toronto Island. It was Tue. I was surprised to see there were so many people in the Island during a weekday. That was why we decided to go to the Wards Island, which was usually less people than in the Toronto Centre Island. Taking family portrait is fun, especially if there are kids and babies. It can be tricky sometimes if the kids or the babies are not co-operate. That’s why I always bring some props/ toys. You would never know how useful they can be. You can see more of their photos …

Engagement Photo Session for Paul & Jessica

I shot this engagement photo session in Ashbridges Bay, Toronto. It was a fun shoot. The bride to be had a lot of ideas but she was quick to change outfits and fast to pose so we were still able to manage the whole session in a little bit more than 2 hours. The weather was perfect. Originally we planned to shoot a day before, which rained like cats and dogs. We started shooting at 5pm so we can have the day view, the sunset view and the night view. A perfect time slot if you want to have different …

Engagement Photography Shoot: Susan & James

The engagement photography session were shot in Distillery District, Toronto, Canada. Asian couples usually are very cute. They brought mickey mouse cartoon gloves as a prop. It enhanced the entire photo session to be cute and fun. At the same time, it also created a theme for the shoot. Good idea, Susan! We started with some cute shots with the gloves prop. After that we did some typical lovey-dovey engagement photography shots. You probably have seen thousand of times on other wedding blogs. lol For the whole engagement session, you can see them here.

Same-sex Marriage Wedding Photography in Toronto: Mark & Jason

The same-sex marriage ceremony was held in Oakville, Ontario. This was my first time shooting a same-sex couple. I started at their place and followed them to the church for the wedding ceremony. It was a small ceremony. The couple wanted to keep it simple. Also because Mark was American so he didn’t have many friends in Canada. Most of the guests were Jason’s family and his closest friends. After the ceremony, we went to a restaurant for the wedding dinner. I was glad to see how happy everyone was. More wedding photography photos can been viewed on my site.